Al Roker



In addition to being known as the Emmy award-winning host of NBC’s ”Today,“ and America’s most trusted weatherman on both “Today”and “Wake Up with Al” on the Weather Channel, Al Roker is also the owner and CEO of Al Roker Entertainment, a television production company specializing in highly compelling, entertaining unscripted programming.

Al started his company in 1994 producing specials for the Food Network, and has enjoyed success creating programs for NBC, The History Channel, TRU TV, Animal Planet, GAC, The Weather Channel, Discovery, Spike, A&E and many others.

As a hands-on business owner, Al is involved in the selection, creation, and development of the productions emanating from Al Roker Entertainment. Since these programs bear his name, Al focuses on programs that are honest, high quality, and in most cases, contain organic storytelling. For Al, these tend to be programs that don’t artificially create drama or high stakes, but instead allow Al Roker Entertainment to document both the on-screen activity and back story. Through this meticulous programming selection process, Al is able to “create programs that I can watch along with my kids.”

Al is also a bestselling author with several murder mysteries and cookbooks published. His latest book, “Never Goin’ Back: Winning The Weight Loss Battle For Good” is now available in paperback.



Tracie Brennan

Executive Vice President


Tracie began her career in operations at NYC post production facilities in the 80′s and continued in various management roles until ’95.  At that point she transitioned to production and was the Manager of Operations for 10 years at Lifetime Studios, a production facility operated by Lifetime Television housing Lifetime’s own programming as well as third party business. After Lifetime, for two years, she freelanced as a Line Producer.  She has been with Al Roker Entertainment since September 2005 and currently, under Al, oversees the company both on the business and editorial side.

Lauren Burger

Director Of Development


Prior to joining Al Roker Entertainment, Lauren was the Manager of Programming and Development, responsible for the ideation and identification of innovative formats formats for the Game Show Network. She also managed Development at the New York-based Optomen Productions as well as Crybaby Media. Lauren’s rich television background includes tenure at Fuse TV, Lifetime, True Entertainment, and A&E. She has built an impressive journeyman resume as a PA, Producer, Story Editor, and Budget Coordinator. As Director of Development at Al Roker Entertainment, Lauren handles the research and development of projects as well as sourcing for new projects and talent.

Ronald C. Pruett, Jr.

Chief Advisor


Ron has proven experience in the creation, development, and management of high growth direct to consumer and digital marketing companies worldwide. He is currently managing director of The Boston Associates, advising equity and enterprise. Ron has nearly 30 years of experience and loves the thrill of creating something new while leveraging the best of different approaches, distribution channels and cultures. Ron graduated with a B.A. (Honors) in International Relations and Political Science from Trinity College in Connecticut and received his M.B.A. from the École Européenne des Affaires (now ESCP-EAP), a French Grande École located in Paris, France where he graduated as Valedictorian.

Maria Paone

VP Branded Content


Maria started her career in the early ‘90’s in the advertising business, fresh out of LaSalle University in Philadelphia.  Her initial passion to connect earnest advertisers to their most coveted consumers began a 24 year career in Marketing and Sales. Her living and breathing approach to meeting the marketing needs of her clients led to an 11 year career in radio followed by a 13 year career in local and national TV. Maria has pioneered innovative ways to build long and short form promotional branding campaigns through her inquisitive desire to learn all there is to know about Marketing at its highest level.  This natural curiosity lead to her Business Development position at the locally owned station NBC-10 in Philadelphia and eventually to her most recent position at NBC Universal as Strategic Director of Marketing/Sales, based in New York. Her Fortune 500 clients have become her teachers and her trusted partners.  Maria has taken her career to another level that puts her into the progressive world of Branded Content as VP, Branded Content where she oversees new initiatives connecting brands with compelling content in the entertainment space.

Jon Burk

Director Branded Content/Marketing


Although a student of TV and Film, Jon spent over 25 years in the music industry at Capitol Records, EMI Music, BMG, and as a freelance marketing consultant for independent labels and bands. As a former music industry marketing executive, Jon excelled in marketing the emotion that music fans attach to songs and marrying that to their lifestyle, experiences and memories. Integrating third-party brands to music campaigns both extended the conversation and grew the markets for both the recording artists and the aligned brands. Through Al Roker Entertainment, Jon also integrates brands with compelling shareable content (and at times, cause-marketing platforms) to create branded entertainment, designed for today’s social platforms as well as traditional media. Based in Los Angeles, Jon’s signature strength is branded creative ideation, leading to content packaging within the context of many diverse platforms – from cable TV to social media channels. His insight-driven, analytical approach to marketing products and services features a human element – shareable and impactful -  as well as prosocial content messaging – often missing from traditional marketing plans.

Ricky Day

Post Production Supervisor


Ricky began his career working at HBO as a media coordinator in July of 2003 as well as a Digitizing Coordinator; and in 2006, became an Assistant Editor. In 2009, aside from being an AE, Ricky also managed a large Avid ISIS system, and worked along with Avid technicians throughout the transition process. Ricky specialized in assisting clients with Avid Interplay, and helped with the overall change in workflow. In December 2011, Ricky joined the Al Roker Entertainment family where he works as Post Production Supervisor, overseeing the day to day operations of the New York-based post facility.